Wessex League Round 5 Prospect Park Reading.

Wessex League Round 5 Prospect Park Reading.
This was my First race back after missing the last 2 rounds due to work and holidays. 

The Track was In great condition slightly dry with the odd boggy patch and plenty of single track through wooded areas and plenty of climbs. I struggled with the biggest one which was a dismount and run job which is where I lost most of my places. 
I had a pretty good start considering where I started from due to missing two rounds.
I was in the top 40 for the first few laps but kept loosing places on the big climb lap after lap which was frustrating.

I managed to finish 53rd out of a big field of 80 which is the biggest field I’ve raced in. Overall happy with the day really enjoyed the course except the climb which put a downer on things but onwards and upwards.

Basingstoke next week 

And must remember to not go riding the day before! 
Thanks for the support SarumVelo & Hills Cycles Of Amesbury For The Maintenance and support!
Alex Watkins

Thanks again for the great write up alex of your event today. Keep up the great work

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