Wessex League Rd 6 – Fairthorne Manor

Wessex League Rd 6 – Fairthorne Manor

Round 6 was at Fairthorne manor on a new circuit built within the last two weeks from the guys a Fareham wheelers bit of a bumpy circuit but generally a great circuit!

Gridded 28th on the start again today so fourth row start on an uphill was always going to be interesting.

Managed an average start but getting boxed in on the inside left me dropping a few places places.

After a few laps I found myself laying in 24th and in a group of riders I was soon dropped by them and found myself alone chasing a few that had dropped off the back of the group.

I spent four laps chasing a Allen Collins a regular in these reports as we seem to be about the same standard managed to catch and pass him with three to go with Thomas Nightingale next on the menu.

I managed to catch Thomas with two laps to go only for the leader to lap us meaning it was now the last lap and dust up time!


Thomas made he’s moving on me through the wooded section I managed to stick with him up the large climbing leading to the final few turns where we exchanged a few elbows and tape between us only for Thomas to stick it up the inside and beat me to the line!


Finished 28th out of 65 which I’m happy with and I’m generally happy with my performance of managing my face well.

Thanks to Paul and his wife for coming to watch !

Mum dad & sister and Chris for the support.

Tim hills from hills cycle and fishing tackle for looking after the bike !

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