Wessex League Rd 3 – Dalton Barracks Abingdon

Wessex League Rd 3 – Dalton Barracks Abingdon.

Abingdon seems to have a love hate relationship with me I love the fun circuit and tight twisty section the Circuit however doesn’t like me unfortunately. While laying 19th in the championship I managed to get a second row start and went off like a rocket having a great start and being with the group of people I needed to be with for the close championship standings myself and four others all on 61 points each.

The next three laps went by in know time on the back of a group of 8 inside the top 20 I was preparing for a long fast race and trying to hold on to the guys I needed to when over a slight hill into a hard rocky sections I punctured I carried on riding only for the tyre to come off the rim which meant it’s run time !

Having only just gone past the pits i had the long 3/4 of a lap to run in that time the leaders had lapped me and I was somewhere near dead last the time I got to the pis for a bike change. I soldiered on the last 5 laps trying to catch people and pass them, think I managed around 8 people but unsure of the final result

. On to next at memorial park Basingstoke having this result means I will more than likely not making the grid so it’s going to be a tough one! Thanks again to dad & David’s parents & Lindy for the support and encouragement!


Thanks to Tim at Hills Cycles and fishing tackle for the support with the bikes.

great review of the race from Alex well done Alex great ride fella dont be dis heartened bike racing can be cruel at times no such thing as a sure thing in CX racing thats what makes it Exciting

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