Round 6 Basingstoke Memorial Park

Round 6 Basingstoke Memorial Park.
After last weeks brutal circuit at reading today it was nice to see a fairly open and fast circuit at Basingstoke with a few obstacles and a smaller field of riders. 
Had a blinding start today was in the top 20 for the first few laps and felt the best I have since starting cyclocross.
after dropping a few places I found myself in a group of three riders which I managed to stay with, one of the guys was bunny hoping the boards to which I decided I’d give it ago and successful managed. to only the next time round for me I didn’t manage to clear the second board and endo over the bars causing damage to myself and the bike, after I picked myself up removed the tape off the bike and got going i had dropped three or four places due to me ‘running out of talent’ also the bike stuck in one gear and no rear brake.. And the fear I broke my collar bone and foot. 
I managed to soldier on the last three laps to the finish to finish in the late twenties maybe earlier 30’s awaiting the results to come through to be sure. 
Learnt a lot today really enjoyed the course and chuffed with the result and performance.
Thanks to SarumVelo & Hills Cycles for the support and repair of the bike !   
Onwards and upwards.

Well done alex hope you are not feeling to sore tmrw thanks again for the write up đŸ™‚ 

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