Race round up from callum 

Thanks to callum for giving his honest and open race write ups 

Henstridge airfield round 2, Tuesday 9th may:

Unlike round 1 at Henstridge, the 2nd round had much better weather if not perfect. The race itself went well 40 minutes +3laps. It started fast and within the first 10 minutes i found myself in a 3 man break away, after about 4 laps in the breakaway and with the main group pushing hard to keep up we decided to let them catch up as we were just wasting valuable energy. I kept me head down for the rest of the race and held a good position in the group, until the 3 laps to go sign was shown. I then pushed hard to get myself to the front of the group for the last lap, on the last lap one person had broken away from the group and secured 1st so I was now fighting for 2nd. Out of the last corner I started to sprint for the line with one other hot on my heels, they managed to just get past me by half a wheel right at the line, so I ended up with 3rd place.
Castle Combe round 2, Thursday 11th May:

As the previous week I’d done to much work at the front, this week I kept myself in the bunch to save myself for the last few laps. Was absolute carnage in the bunch people all over the place and with 3 laps to go there was a crash right in front of me, but with some quick reactions and a bit of luck I managed to avoid it. This put me right at the back of the group so I had a lot of work to do to get back to the front. In the end it was too much and I had nothing left for the sprint on the last lap, finishing somewhere in the top 25.

Bournemouth jubilee road race, Sunday 14th May:

The week was rounded off with a 56 miles road race around a very hilly 5.6 mile loop just south of Wool. I had some tough competition in this race, some local teams had entered with several riders, I had my work cut out. As I didn’t quite know​what to expect I kept myself in the main group just to get a feel for pace, as it turned out the pace was very fast so I decided to stay in the group. After 3 laps a 5 man break away went off and were not to be seen again for the rest of the race. 

I managed to hold on to the group for 9 out of the 10 laps but by this point the tank was empty and I had nothing left, I then was dropped by the group. I tried hard to get back on but there was no chance and ended up finishing in 38th place.

Well done callum great results and doing sarum velo proud as are all the other club memberss be it racing touring club runs etc keel. It up and keep the sarum velo spirit flowing (must be time for a pub meet) 

Paul s club sec 

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