OMG … Sarum Velo Senior Womens Southern Region Champion!!!! Lindy Larkin-Brazier

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LIndy Does it and wins the 1st Senior Ladies in the Southern Regional CX Championships

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what a great ride by Lindy from the get go was a tough battle with all the other riders

who were racing for the regional titles in the overall Race LIndy FInshed 5th behind the winner of the Championship and winner of the Junior Title as well Abbie Manley

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another powerful determined ride by a girl with a great future in the Sport.

The Mens Senior Race was Next and we had Three Riders Racing in this event

ALex Watkins

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David Brazier

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Rich Hamilton

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The Boys did a Great job on a hard course with lots of running there were a few spills during the racing with Dave comming down and also Rich having a Spill Alex BAttled on giving it his all as did Dave and ALex


the Race was Eventually Won By Sam Allen

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The WInner Rode the race in Dominating Fasion Sam Allen Stormed off the front and was able to get a large lead great Result Sam Well done

i will update the results as soon as ive got more info…

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