Lindy Wins Again and a Little Write up from Nigel and a win in the novice race for Tom !

Lindy Larkin yet again wins at Dalton Barracks in the Senior Race getting another top spot on the Podium 

photos care of Jean Kent

Nigel did me a little write up of his weekend from the racing the other weekend and also send some Photos 

Wessex Cyclocross Round 8 – Dalton Barracks – V50 race.

Having left home earlyin rain and a southerly wind, I knew the race was possibly going to be wet, butarrived at Dalton Barracks with an overcast sky and the usual chilly airfieldwind. We arrived early to cheer on Tom Butt at his first novice race, althoughnot yet a Sarum Velo rider he aquitted himself very well enjoying the ride andthe fast conditions, he moved steadily through the field and eventuallyfinishing in 1st place. One happy rider and now CX convert.

(Well Done Tom just need to sign up and join the club now and get racing to the next race ! Paul Club Sec)

With a couple of hourswait until the V50 race, I spent a couple of laps testing the route andunfortunately the rain started to move in causing the top layer to turn into aslippery mud bath. By the time the V50s got to start, the surface had nowturned into a sticky, slippery surface. I always enjoy a fast start and managedto move past several riders, but then got caught up when three riders went downin the ruts just after the start, feeling confident I pushed on and started towork back to a couple of riders and on the second lap, just after the boards,the front wheel washed out and down I went.

By lap 3 the bike hadbecome a solid mess of mud and grass, (the Schwalbe Racing Ralphs were nowslicks), the knobs on the tyres could not shift the mud quick enough, so Idecided to use my mountain bike which Tom had used earlier, unfortunately Iforgot to put the seat post back up and thought I was riding a BMX bike, whichstill had summer tyres fitted, so also not much fun as I hit the ground twicemore!!

This is my second visit to Dalton Barracks and both times have been wet and slippery, but I can say my lap times were somewhat improved since my first visit and has been a good learning curve.

Now to the next race at Droxford in two weeks time, this will be the second visit this year, so hopefully I will be able to put some of the things I learnt previously into action. Yet again being part of the Sarum CX team is a pleasure and everyone is so friendly which is one of the reasons I want to come back week after week.

Thanks to all of you.Nigel

Alex & dave raced in the senior race with Mixed results Dave sadly had A mechanical and a DNF 

photos care of Jean Kent

Alex Battled on and had a reasonable race from what he told me and was able to get up to 11th well done Alex another great result for you 

photos care of Jean Kent

well done again to all the Sarum Velo Riders who raced at this event and sorry if I missed anyone out 

This weekend its back to Droxford near Fareham

Get down and Support Sarum Velo (there may even be a beer tent ?)

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