Droxford Round 9

Sarum Velo riders were yet again up for the the race at the Testing Course at droxford this course is used a lot for motocross so has lots up ups and downs and its testing to Say the least we didnt have any riders racing in the vets races so the first rider Racing was Lindy as per normal lindy was full of Nerves but after a swift Talking to by is all we managed to calm her down and get her focused for the race ahead. the Red train of Hargoves -Montezuma  racing took to the lead


Abbie Manley stormed off the front of the group and got a lead


with the others following in her wake Lindy was up there following what we call the Red Train  and was having a battle with Ella Lawrence and managed to get past and leave her behind and eventualy


came in 4th overall and 1st Senior after an exteremly tough and demanding course  behind Abbie Manley who dominated the Race  and a great race it was .. well done Ladies Great Race

The Next Race Sarum Velo Riders were in was the SeniorMens Race which as per normal had a large Field of riders of great abilities at the off it was clear there was going to be a certain rider dominating the race Sam Allen was quick to make a Lead

ALex and dave also made great starts and were well up with the riders alex was suffering a bit with a slight Knee Niggle so wasnt firing on all cyclinders in middle part of the race it was obvious alex was struggling a bit in places but he soldiered on having a  few battles with other riders. dave was also having lots of battles on his Single speed much to the amazement of some of the spectators there was also quite a lot of verbal abuse on Heckler Hill where the beer was flowing and the music being pumped out on portable speakers much to the amusement of some of the riders..

As the race Progressed Sam Allen lead also grew he was picking up riders and lapping them on the tough and demanding course and even managed to catch up to Alex on the Last Lap was a true show riding skills  Sam won the race with Alex  comming down a lap coming 11th still a great rider considering his knee injury  and dave on his single speed came in in an amazing 18th well done team great results by you all..

the Next Race Sarum Velo rider will be Racing in will be the Soutern Cx Championships in Bristol Best of Luck Team you can do it





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