Craig wins & course record and Callum win

Craig Wallington won the tornado 10 mile tt today on the P337 course. He spent

Spent the last 2 weeks tweaking his tt bike and trying to get it so can really open up his lungs up and getting it stable at high speeds.

He was hoping for a top 5 going on previous results.

Once he got going his legs gelt good and bike felt 100% better and could really open it up.

And Did it in 23.13 and broke the course record.

Won by 4 seconds so all the testing/tweaking paid off.


Done craig 🙂 super result

Callum Dunford paul Ingram Matthew Dennis Rhys jay Jason Stewart raced in the local Salisbury Tri Club thanks again for salisbury tri club organising this event

Callum well what can I say smoked it he won the tt with scorching time of 31.32 the next rider behind with with a time of 34.11

Super result Callum other club members times were as follows

Mathew dennis 36:54,Rhys jay 37:04,Jason Stewart 38:24 Paul Ingram 39:55

Well done to all club members great effort

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