British Cycling Membership 2015

ive copied this info from british cycling website on our club page 
Liability insurance and free legal support for training, commuting and club rides.
 10% off everything at Halfords.
 Exclusive joining offer for members of British Cycling affiliated clubs (first year only)
 Weekly email with news, expert tips and advice, competitions and offers.
Race Bronze Race Silver Race Gold Ride
Born 1995+
(normally £21)
(normally £41)
(normally £70)
(normally £33)
Born 96-97
(normally £21)
(normally £27)
(normally £51)
(normally £25)
Born 98-01
N/A Free
(normally £21)
(normally £40)
(normally £16)
Under 12
Born 2002 onwards
N/A Free
(normally £13)
(normally £31)
(normally £11)
2 adults & dependents
N/A £75
(normally £96)
(normally £170)
(normally £80)
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*Race Bronze membership does not include liability insurance or legal support and advice.


Introductory membership discount for club members

A benefit of your club’s affiliation is that club members can get up to £20 off membership when they join British Cycling for the first time.

How it works

Simply use the promotion codes below when you join British Cycling for the first time. You will get the introductory discount on the payment page when you join online.

If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our team:

Note: Offer is only open to people who have not previously been members of British Cycling and are current members of a British Cycling affiliated club or team. Checks will be made on your club membership and British Cycling membership status and persons found not to be be current club members or who have been British Cycling members in the past will have their application for membership cancelled.

Existing members and those who have been members in the past are eligible for a 10% discount when they set up their first direct debit instruction to renew or rejoin their British Cycling membership.

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