Alex second cx race and improves again …

Round 2 Wessex league Newbury.
After last weeks performance I found my self a seeded rider for this weeks round at Newbury and being called out for the third row gave me the extra edge compared to last week started dead last .

I Got off to a brilliant start and being in the top 25 for the first two laps was brilliant but I had mistakes of crashing loosing 5 or 6 places in the wooded section which quite frankly was more like a mountain bike course than cyclocross.

I fought on throughout making ground on the steep climb to the group in front of me only to make a mistake in the wooded section and have to fight back to the group again and again only to keep making mistakes on various parts of the course. 
Towards the end of the race I was starting to get caught by a duet of riders (one being a French men) the other being a guy I raced with last week , so I dug deep and focused on catching the guy in front of me being from behind the bike shed from Andover .I managed to catch him through the grassed area with one lap to go only to misjudge a bank through the technical section and he got away from me. I managed to keep off the two riders chasing and was pleased with my result of 35th place and improvement of my 40th place last week. 
To sum up the day had a great race gained a lot of knowledge and experience from today just need to be a little more consistent lap after lap and I’ll start seeing the gains. 
I’m not available to do the next 2 rounds due to holiday and work commitments but really looking forward to round 5!
Well done alex great write up 🙂 

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