A little insite in to our new CX team member Peter Williams

Hi all I’ve just had a lovely email from Peter Williams and he’s been willing to share. A little bit of info about what he likes to get up to

Thanks pete it’s much appreciated (maybe a club trip next year ?)

As promised here’s a few words on my recent trip…

In addition to cyclocross I also like to do longer gravel events. While up in Kielder for the Dirty Reiver I picked up a flyer for the first running of the Dirty Boar in the Hautes Fagnes region of Belgium. That’s the hilly bit near the Ardennes. Duly entered I traveled over last weekend.  Ride day didn’t dawn as such, more crawled out from the heavy rain of the night before.  As it just about got light at 7am all 350 riders set off for 170km of riding with 2700m of climbing.  The first part of the ride climbed to the highest point in Belgium, this is just short of 700m so there is a staircase to make it to 700m, fortunately we didn’t have to do any stair climbing. Once past this point it was trending downhill into Germany and the first check point. By this time it had almost stopped raining. Refueled we rode some nice wooded trails to the 2nd checkpoint on one of the many dams in the area. This mean a long descent to the dam, followed by turning round to climb backup to the route, that was mean.

Into a small town at about 100k there was a sign to say we’d reached the low point of the ride and the only way was up.  The climbing started straight away, thanks guys. More climbing though forest and over moor land, on some very straight tracks, along with regular soakings from the heavy showers got us past the second feed station and onto the last 40k and the biggest climbs of the day.  The final section was on some nice woodland trails which I’d have enjoyed more if I had some brakes left.  I finally rolled over the finish line in just under 11hours to take the compulsory selfie with the Dirty Boar himself, see attached.

The reward for all my efforts was frites and beer, excellent recovery food.  It was a great ride in a part of the world you might not usually go to with friendly riders and good organisation.  I didn’t see a wild boar as I suspect they were all hiding from the weather.  I’ll have to go back next year to try again.

Here’s the link to the website and a Flickr page with some great photos that really capture the day.



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