2021 and onwards for Sarum Velo

June 10, 2021

Hi there well since covid as hit us the club has been a bit dormant on the membership side and also only a few of the members have been active in the racing side of things when the racing has allowed hopefully when thing improve we can all get back out together and have some fun at the races etc etc.

id like to say a big thanks you to Lindy and Alex who have been getting out there racing be it the limited CX Events and Mountain Bike races when they can and also Dave whos been busy Supporting his wife LIndy Who has been a demon with the covid Vaccinations as well as her coworkers (thank you for your efforts during this Covid Crisis the NHS Rocks) and Dave with his new Venture making some amazing bags for all sorts of cycliing take a look and see www.ridgewayworks.com best of luck dave.

Also Andrew Mcdonald who has been a stalwart on the Marshaling side of thing for BC well done andy and also the the Volunteers who have been getting out when they have been able to to organise all the Local events in the South DC

I hope we can restart the Memberships and get some new members and also a new kit design for 2021/22? any thoughts drop us a line on twitter or any of the other social media platforms

Lindy Races at National Championships 2020

January 14, 2020

National Cyclocross Championships Jan 2020

A great Update from lindy ref her National Championships 2020

I entered the nationals last year thinking it would be a once in a lifetime event, something to keep in the memory book. So when the entry went live to enter for this year, I was in two minds to enter again. I spoke with David and Alex (who said they’d give it a miss this year) and they said go for it, they offered to be pit crew for the weekend. I’ve had a really good season of racing and felt fitter this year so thought, why not! If I could do it the year before, why not again?! 

Got accepted to race. Oh dear. That actually means I get to race in a national race. Can’t do this. Oh well, it’s a few weeks away. Cue David and a quick bike service… (I honestly have no idea what to do with my bike) and we were ready for National Champs. 

We knew a load of the Wessex riders would be there racing in the different categories throughout the weekend and would be there to support each other so we said we’d make a weekend of it. David, Alex and myself load up the Rav 4 (actually that’s a lie, I was faffing about in the house whilst the guys packed the car) and headed to Shrewsbury! 

We had been looking at all the social media coverage of the course and knew this would be tough. Rain was forecast and it already looked technical from the Friday practice videos.  We got there to watch the Vet 50’s and from lap 1 to lap 3 of their race it went from mostly ridable to basically a running race. The mud was so sticky and clogged most of the bikes. I knew this was going to be a slog. Throughout the racing that day, lines/ruts were formed but due to all the running, there were big holes forming which made the ground uneven.  With the rain forecast overnight, I knew practice the next morning was going to give me a more realistic picture of what was instore. 

Jeez, practice was interesting Sunday morning. The heavens opened just as I was about go out on course. I just went for it, thought practice 2 full laps and see what I think. Well, I saw the guys on the straight, stopped, threw up, and then went to practice a couple of bits for the guys to give advice. Let’s just say, there wasn’t much debating which bits to run or ride. The only option was to run most of it! The technical sections were quicker to run for me, even watching the pros struggle on some of these sections made me feel a little better.  I had my plan for the course. Its just my body that had to hold up. David and Alex were awesome. I didn’t have to do anything or worry about the bike/pitting. The advice for the day was “Just ride your bike Lind”. 

In classic Lindy style, I had a good cry at the car when I went back to get my final stuff ready. I felt I wasn’t meant to be there. I’m only a General Practice Nurse from Swindon who races in the local CX league on Sundays!  After a hug from David and good lucks from family and friends, it was time to go to gridding. The usual prerace chat with the other Wessex women always helps calm my nerves. I was lucky to be the last called for 2nd row so that made me feel pro, but then I instantly felt out of my comfort zone. Last year I couldn’t clip in for the life of me…just clip in Lind, Just clip in. 30seconds to go. Whistle. Clipped right in. If I had the time to shout woohoo, I would have! I don’t know where my start came from but I was off, but came right back down to earth when Anna Kay comes flying past me on the first off camber. From there it was run, run for your life. We all knew this first 200 metres would be carnage and it delivered.  Bikes getting caught on each other (sorry Abbie), no room on the steps, had a slide/lie down on the long off chamber, slipped remounting and got my leg caught. It was honestly the most chaotic but funny first half a lap I’ve ever experienced. Now before you all think it was me just having a mare.. I can assure you, everyone else was all over the place too!  

Past the pits I went, but I thought I’d wait to change after the woods. The guys were screaming at me (in a good way) it was carnage in there too.  I actually really liked the woods and if I’m honest, it gave you a break (only a little one though). I changed bikes after the woods mostly because the slog past the pits was hell. Now I don’t know if anyone has seen the photos but the steps over the bridge were the highest steps I’ve ever seen. I’m not even exaggerating. You had to shoulder your bike otherwise you couldn’t step and lift the bike high enough. The next bit was the “zig-zags” which was shoulder and run, hold on to the strakes and try not to fall over. Then back to the straight. 

After the first lap everyone had sort of settled into their placings, the carnage had settled too but then the familiar feeling of lungs bleeding and heavy legs of cross came. Last year I was pulled on the penultimate lap so I knew I’d get maybe 3 laps in. Had a good race between 3-4 of us, all changing places through the laps. I was just so tired but thought on lap 3 I’d go for it,

then I got the bell. Oh Christ, I haven’t been lapped and I have to do another lap. I dropped a couple of places on the last lap which I didn’t actually mind, but I could have lost more places if I hadn’t have gone on lap 3 and made a gap on the group behind us. The cramp in my quads was so horrible; I’ve never had cramp there before! Crossing the line, lying down and seeing all my family and friends there was so amazing. 

I know it sounds incredibly cringe, but I honestly cannot believe how many people were cheering my name. Not just my name, but all the Wessex riders in the race, that’s all you could hear. I was surrounded by other riders and there were nowhere near as many shouts for them.  Everyone was cheering from the pits and all over the course. I’m truly grateful for all the support. 

After watching the Elite Men and cheering on our friends racing, we all got changed and packed up. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better husband and best mate to support me. In classic post-race style, went and got a McDonalds. 

I came 26th overall and 15th in the Elite Women’s.  I didn’t get lapped. I started.  I finished. I just rode my bike.  

lindy has some great videos on facebook worth a watch from the cx https://www.facebook.com/lindy.j.larkin/videos/pcb.10157604705475605/10157604705050605/?type=3&theater

Thanks Lindy for such a great and epic Write up from your race always a great read and well done from us all you did the club Proud

Two leaders Jerseys for Sarum Velo

December 1, 2019

Two leaders jerseys was the order of the day for sarum velo after today’s wessex league event amazing for us considering the size of us as a club well done to Alex watkins and Lindy Larkin Lindy came 4th overall in today’s race but was second senior and Alex got an amazing. 6th place and David got 11th

Also racing today in the men’s vets 50+ Peter who came in 48th well done peter great effort keep up the great work

Thanks again to the organisers of the series and commissars marshals and volunteers who turn up week in week out your hard work is appreciated by us all for your amazing efforts to bring us the racing week in week out over the cx season .

Andover Wheelers delivers a great cx course!

November 21, 2019

Andover wheelers delivered a great cx course that tested all the riders racing at the weekend sarum velo has yet another great weekend with Lindy getting second senior and third overall great result Lindy behind Aimee Perryman the winner

Lindy had a testing time with the hurdles nearly as tall as she was Aimee lead from

The start and obtained a commanding lead and there were battles between Helen Lindy and Abby for the other podium places great race ladies  http://sarumvelo.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/img_5539.mov

Alex and Dave had a brilliant race yet again Alex breaking in to the top ten superb results for them both as they battle each other with Alex gaining the edge this time keep up the great work guys you are doing an awesome job

Chris Mingo and Peter Williams also having there personal battles in the testing course

And not forgetting the inter club rivalry between sarum velo and sramcc we have a. Great racing relationship supporting each other. And it’s much appreciated for the support each club gives each other and the assistance given esp in the pit area ..

Another win for Lindy !and an amazing 6th place for Alex

October 27, 2019


Been another great day for Sarum velo with Lindy Larkin brazier taking the overall win in today’s ladies race at Southampton parentini Wessex league cx race series

and an amazing 6th place for Alex Watkins who was mixing with the podium places till later in the race brilliant effort Alex sadly David brazier has to withdraw but rich also kept going and getting a really good 35th

we have also had all the other team riders racing Chris Mingo got a very good 46th place in a very competitive field of in the 40/49 race and Pete Williams who was racing as well obtained a superb 45th place well done to all who competed onwards and upwards to the next race .

Lindy 2019 season starts well

October 2, 2019

Lindy has had a ace start to the new season with obtaining overall leaders jersey at Reading in the seniors event of the. Wessex league sponsored by Parentini

Can’t wait till the next round in Swindon this weekend

(Apologies for the short review will update page when get more info )

OMG … Sarum Velo Senior Womens Southern Region Champion!!!! Lindy Larkin-Brazier

December 3, 2018

All Photos - 392 of 402

LIndy Does it and wins the 1st Senior Ladies in the Southern Regional CX Championships

All Photos - 396 of 402.jpg

what a great ride by Lindy from the get go was a tough battle with all the other riders

who were racing for the regional titles in the overall Race LIndy FInshed 5th behind the winner of the Championship and winner of the Junior Title as well Abbie Manley

All Photos - 66 of 402.jpg

another powerful determined ride by a girl with a great future in the Sport.

The Mens Senior Race was Next and we had Three Riders Racing in this event

ALex Watkins

All Photos - 106 of 159.jpg

David Brazier

All Photos - 33 of 43.jpg

Rich Hamilton

All Photos - 13 of 159.jpg

The Boys did a Great job on a hard course with lots of running there were a few spills during the racing with Dave comming down and also Rich having a Spill Alex BAttled on giving it his all as did Dave and ALex


the Race was Eventually Won By Sam Allen

All Photos - 57 of 82.jpg

The WInner Rode the race in Dominating Fasion Sam Allen Stormed off the front and was able to get a large lead great Result Sam Well done

i will update the results as soon as ive got more info…

Droxford Round 9

November 24, 2018

Sarum Velo riders were yet again up for the the race at the Testing Course at droxford this course is used a lot for motocross so has lots up ups and downs and its testing to Say the least we didnt have any riders racing in the vets races so the first rider Racing was Lindy as per normal lindy was full of Nerves but after a swift Talking to by is all we managed to calm her down and get her focused for the race ahead. the Red train of Hargoves -Montezuma  racing took to the lead


Abbie Manley stormed off the front of the group and got a lead


with the others following in her wake Lindy was up there following what we call the Red Train  and was having a battle with Ella Lawrence and managed to get past and leave her behind and eventualy


came in 4th overall and 1st Senior after an exteremly tough and demanding course  behind Abbie Manley who dominated the Race  and a great race it was .. well done Ladies Great Race

The Next Race Sarum Velo Riders were in was the SeniorMens Race which as per normal had a large Field of riders of great abilities at the off it was clear there was going to be a certain rider dominating the race Sam Allen was quick to make a Lead

ALex and dave also made great starts and were well up with the riders alex was suffering a bit with a slight Knee Niggle so wasnt firing on all cyclinders in middle part of the race it was obvious alex was struggling a bit in places but he soldiered on having a  few battles with other riders. dave was also having lots of battles on his Single speed much to the amazement of some of the spectators there was also quite a lot of verbal abuse on Heckler Hill where the beer was flowing and the music being pumped out on portable speakers much to the amusement of some of the riders..

As the race Progressed Sam Allen lead also grew he was picking up riders and lapping them on the tough and demanding course and even managed to catch up to Alex on the Last Lap was a true show riding skills  Sam won the race with Alex  comming down a lap coming 11th still a great rider considering his knee injury  and dave on his single speed came in in an amazing 18th well done team great results by you all..

the Next Race Sarum Velo rider will be Racing in will be the Soutern Cx Championships in Bristol Best of Luck Team you can do it





Lindy Wins Again and a Little Write up from Nigel and a win in the novice race for Tom !

November 13, 2018

Lindy Larkin yet again wins at Dalton Barracks in the Senior Race getting another top spot on the Podium 

photos care of Jean Kent

Nigel did me a little write up of his weekend from the racing the other weekend and also send some Photos 

Wessex Cyclocross Round 8 – Dalton Barracks – V50 race.

Having left home earlyin rain and a southerly wind, I knew the race was possibly going to be wet, butarrived at Dalton Barracks with an overcast sky and the usual chilly airfieldwind. We arrived early to cheer on Tom Butt at his first novice race, althoughnot yet a Sarum Velo rider he aquitted himself very well enjoying the ride andthe fast conditions, he moved steadily through the field and eventuallyfinishing in 1st place. One happy rider and now CX convert.

(Well Done Tom just need to sign up and join the club now and get racing to the next race ! Paul Club Sec)

With a couple of hourswait until the V50 race, I spent a couple of laps testing the route andunfortunately the rain started to move in causing the top layer to turn into aslippery mud bath. By the time the V50s got to start, the surface had nowturned into a sticky, slippery surface. I always enjoy a fast start and managedto move past several riders, but then got caught up when three riders went downin the ruts just after the start, feeling confident I pushed on and started towork back to a couple of riders and on the second lap, just after the boards,the front wheel washed out and down I went.

By lap 3 the bike hadbecome a solid mess of mud and grass, (the Schwalbe Racing Ralphs were nowslicks), the knobs on the tyres could not shift the mud quick enough, so Idecided to use my mountain bike which Tom had used earlier, unfortunately Iforgot to put the seat post back up and thought I was riding a BMX bike, whichstill had summer tyres fitted, so also not much fun as I hit the ground twicemore!!

This is my second visit to Dalton Barracks and both times have been wet and slippery, but I can say my lap times were somewhat improved since my first visit and has been a good learning curve.

Now to the next race at Droxford in two weeks time, this will be the second visit this year, so hopefully I will be able to put some of the things I learnt previously into action. Yet again being part of the Sarum CX team is a pleasure and everyone is so friendly which is one of the reasons I want to come back week after week.

Thanks to all of you.Nigel

Alex & dave raced in the senior race with Mixed results Dave sadly had A mechanical and a DNF 

photos care of Jean Kent

Alex Battled on and had a reasonable race from what he told me and was able to get up to 11th well done Alex another great result for you 

photos care of Jean Kent

well done again to all the Sarum Velo Riders who raced at this event and sorry if I missed anyone out 

This weekend its back to Droxford near Fareham http://www.wessexcyclocross.co.uk/event/fareham-wheelers-4/

Get down and Support Sarum Velo (there may even be a beer tent ?)

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