Southern region chairman calls it a day

July 6, 2018

Below is micks resignation letter from

The chair southern region British cycling

Mick will be missed done a lot for the region i his time here ..

After much thought, I have decided to stand down as Region Chairman with immediate effect.

This has obviously been a very difficult decision, having been a committee/board member for nearly fifty years and chairman for thirty-two years.

However I feel this now leaves a vacancy for a new, possibly younger chairman to continue moving the region forward.  Embracing the changes that are being made by BCHQ, hopefully some of these for the better.

Finally I would like to thank everyone who has helped me in the running of the region over the years. I would like to wish the officers of the regions and the board members all the best.

All of my other cycling interests will remain unchanged and I look forward to working with you all in the future.

Kind Regards

Mick Waite


Club clothing

July 6, 2018

                                         Summer Holiday Delivery Times

Due to our manufacturers summer holiday closure, from 6th August until 27th August, to receive clothing orders by mid August please order by Monday 9th July. Orders placed after this date will arrive in September.

Kind regards

Halo Sports


January 28, 2018

Southampton threw the mud at the sarum velo riders to make the last race of the season a tough one

Lindy raced hard and managed to get 1oth place in the race  and by the looks 7th in her age group

well done lindy been a tough season but you have done so well all year long we wait to see what the final position over all in the League is but we are hoping its in the top 3 fingers crossed  and thank you so much for representing the club this year


Alex has turned in to the mud meister this season and with some extra training on the road and off road has improved  time and time again which shows that a bit of extra training does pay off .

david also has had a great season this year and improved and improved the banter between the riders makes the racing more interesting and just shows you guys are all brilliant if you put your minds to it and do that little bit extra

Well done to david and alex alex got a really great 12th place today and david also got a really great 15th Place .

Well done guys and gals you have all done the club proud this season and its much appeaciated lets hope we can get some more riders and get even more people racing cx this year

First Cross for 25 years and first of 2018 and broken Hanger

January 24, 2018

Sarum Velo had a new rider racing for the first time for a a few years in a cx race Nigel Benham he did a little report as did Lindy who had a disastrous race due to her rear mech hanger snapping

My first CX for 25 years.

After months of promising to give CX a go again, I eventually get my entry in. First hurdle sorted. Normally I can be found orienteering with Sarum Orienteers which will be either running or cycling around forests of heath finding control flags, so mud and water are certainly order of the day but my courses are usually 75mins to 3 hours.

Next few days watching the weather get worse and worse still didn’t put me off and in fact I was quite looking forward to it. My pit crew (wife) thought it would be great fun to come along and watch me make a fool of myself, so off we go on Sunday morning leaving plenty of time. Nice and warm 4 degrees, that is until Chieveley, then the snow came and the temperature dropped! First problem was finding my way onto the airfield, the website was a bit vague and there were no signs off the road!!

Eventually we get sorted and meet up with Lindy and James who help my through the signing on, unfortunately the lady at signing on forgot to mention about picking up the timing chip. Oh well, I was sure it wouldn’t make a difference to my performance!!

A quick half-sighting lap on the way to the start was enough to realise it was going to be a lottery and confirmed when I ended up at the back of the grid as it was my first race. I was happy with the race, overtaking a few on the first lap and just happy to survive the cold, narrowly avoiding a big pile up which ended up in a puddle!! Happy with my consistency overall, 3 laps within 5 seconds of each other, just lacking speed and strength on the short hills. We are still waiting for the results as I write this but I will definitely be back for more and hopefully the warmth of the summer series will set me up for more races in the winter.

Now how to play the N+1 card and get a CX bike!!

nigel came in 25th

25 703 Nigel Benham Sarum Velo M V50 39:23.4 4 -1 Lap 03:00 12:04 12:12 12:07

Great report Nigel

while nigel was racing lindy was also racing

Below report from Lindy Larkin

“After a cold couple of practice laps I felt pretty confident

with the course, all rideable. Front row start but was only a short sprint before a quick turn onto the muddy grass. I think I was running at about 8th but was cornering well compared to some. Past the pits then 50m along I heard a crunch and my wheel jam.. broken derailleur. All the field ride passed me as I shouldered and ran to the next pit which took ages as included all the deep mud and banks. Luckily Alex got David from the other pit and I was able to go on my spare bike. I was able to get back as many places as I could but was too far back to get a good result. Fun course though so used it as a practice. Onwards to next week where hopefully my bike will like me a bit more. Thanks to Dan Colloby for kindly

giving me his spare”

Well done Lindy great effort as per normal now on. To the boys in the mens senior event

Where we have two great reports from both riders Dalton Barracks round 13 – Wessex League CX.

Obviously the weather was horrendous on Sunday freezing rain / Snow / Sleet so everyone new what was in store for the day.

After a couple of laps of practice with the team or swims shell we say we where all quite confident about the race even tho the freezing cold and the conditions where the worst I think we’ve raced in.

I managed to get a pretty good start and was 9th for the first couple of laps was battling with a close friend of the team Caleb Smy when I made the stupid mistake of trying to cross a rut to get a better line only to hit the deck after clipping Caleb’s wheel to slide through a puddle. Once mounting my bike I realised I hadn’t any gear selection due the to bike being submerged in the puddle luckily enough this was the bend before the pit which allowed me to swap bikes and get back on my way again in 11th (I think). After a couple of laps slogging by myself I found myself being hunted down by David Brazier looking like I man on a mission I new id have my work cut out. With two laps to go me and David where pretty much circling the course together until the final lap when David made his move on me on the tarmac section between the tight twisty bends towards the finish I new at this point I’d have possible lost our little Sarum Velo battle only to see a gap a few turns before the finish I passed David and we went head to head for the finish in a sprint.

All in all a great day considering the weather and was good to be battling with a fellow club member I couldn’t of said that last year!

On to the final round of the season next week at Southampton!

Great report alex and now finally David’s account of his race


Not an awful lot to add from my side – the guys have covered most of it – the key points being it was bloody cold, very wet and extremely muddy.

I was gridded next to Alex but didn’t quite match his start so was down somewhere around 20th. I knew I had the legs to pass those around me but wasted a bit too much time looking for a good moment to pass – in those conditions there’s never really a good moment!

I managed to get away from the 5 or so riders I was with and in my sights was Caleb Smy (Bike Jockey) and Alex. I was closing in slowly on them both when I noticed they had swapped positions and Alex was sporting an even muddier skin suit than he was before and was now on a different bike.

I felt surprisingly good, the mud was a friendly kind of mud for me. It was sloppy mud over a harder base rather than a super sticky mud. If nothing else, cyclocross will help you learn more about mud than you probably should.

Anyway, I digress…I managed to get up to Al and stuck to his wheel for a bit waiting to make my move – it being Al I wasn’t prepared to do the usual risky ducking and diving! – and I passed him with about half a lap to go.

I wasn’t sure what would work best for me coming into the last sprint – Al’s got the legs on me in a sprint so it was either try and get a gap and try to hold him off or try a surprise sprint from behind. Well, I couldn’t get a gap on him so I was left to try a sprint from behind. In the end he simply out gunned me.

Still it was great fun and sprinting with a team mate is a win-win situation!

Around this point I think the cold got to me a bit – don’t really remember getting undressed after the race but definitely got home wearing nothing but a picnic blanket and my hoodie. Good times.


Done to everyone. Such great race reports from those Who raced this weekend under harsh conditions well done indeed

Next weekend is Southampton for the final race of this years season so come on down and cheer them on

Paul club secretary

Sarum Velo Cx Team Racing Southern Cx Champs This Sunday

December 2, 2017

Sarum Velo cyclocross team are racing this sunday in the southern cycle cross championships Lindy


will be up racing in the Womens Senior Event  and pete

will be racing in the 50+ event

Alex and David Will be racing in the mens senior event



and Pit boss david watkins will be there supporting the team


If you can get to Popham for the Event it would be much appreciated to support the riders racing for local Honours i know the team will do there best and enjoy the racing

click on the link for more info and location


Best of Luck Team you can do it

result for the Wessex league round 10

November 26, 2017

Great news again for Sarum Velo as Lindy came in 3rd overall In the race and obtained 1st senior win well done Lindy great result

Pete Williams came in 44th in the over 50vets race

Alex had another great race and came in 13th and David came in 23rd well done team great results